Anthropology is the study of human beings and societies in the past and present. The research conducted by the Department of Human Biology staff covers a wide range of topics and areas of anthropology. Some of the research topics include

  • Biological, socioeconomic and environmental factors influencing human growth and development. D. Kornafel; W. Umławska
  • Medieval populations – the analysis of life conditions on the basis of physiological stress signs on bones and teeth. Paleopathology. M. Krzyżanowska
  • Mechanisms of human evolution – in particular the evolution of subcutaneous fat tissue, emergence of permanent breast, the costs of brain size increase in Plio-Pleistocene Homininae. B. Pawłowski
  • Evolution of Homo genus with particular emphasis on the hypotheses of Homo sapiens origins. M. Nowaczewska
  • Human behavioural ecology – factors influencing human reproductive success. B. Pawłowski
  • Human preferences on mate market (personal advertisements analysis), biological meaning of attractiveness and hormonal influences on female behaviour. B. Pawłowski
  • Socioeconomic status in relation to differences in human morphology (e.g. height and body mass).  M. Krzyżanowska